Are Curly Hair Extenxions Right For Me?

Every time a woman decides to experience something she's been craving for the first time, she wants it to feel good, fit and be just right.  Ain't that right ladies?

And guess what? Curly hair extensions are no exception.

Ladies, the truth is extensions can be right for anybody and work for anyone. The curly hair extension solution we offer you is based on two factors:

1.Expected goals

What are you desiring to do with your hair, regarding leave-out? No Leave-Out, Little Leave-Out, or a Lot of Leave-Out.

2.Aesthetic expression of aspiration: What style do you feel most comfortable and confident wearing?

Once these two factors are in place, you can implement the appropriate installation method.

Let us help you solve all your problems.


This goal is for girls with curly hair who want to take a break and completely protect themselves. She wants to protect all of her hair and cover it completely, with absolutely no hair missing.

Curling Hair Extension Solutions: You can wear any Dream Lace Wig wig in any texture:


Dream Lace Wig offers curly hair extensions in a variety of texture types. You can wear any curly wig, and it will work because you're completely covering your hair -- without mixing or fighting anything about texture matching.

The suggested method is to braid, twist or twist the hair and put the wig on in a glue-free way.


The goal is for curly-haired girls who want to add length and volume like a wig, but want to show off their natural scalp and hairline to experience the best of both worlds. She definitely wanted an aura of embellishment, but with a little leave-out reflecting her own.

For this specific goal, it's important to choose a texture that perfectly matches your own, because it has to blend.

Curly Hair Extensions Solutions:

Wefted Hair (Bundles)

The weft is machine-stitched with perfect durability and offers a wide variety of texture types. Our curly hair extension weft allows you to leave a little room for traditional sewn in or quick braid.


Here, we have a girl with curly hair who wants her hair to be an important part of her normal style and doesn't want to exclude her real hair. She wanted to achieve a free-flowing effect - as if to say: "Ohh I don’t wear weave…or at least you would never be able tell I do."

Curling Hair extension Solutions:


Tape-In curly hair extensions are the fastest hair extensions method and the newest trend in textured hair installs, allowing for a lot of leave-out. This method of curling hair extensions involves using curling extensions to clip the hair in the middle for length, fullness and blend.

Tape-ins work best if you intend to wear your curly hair extensions for at least 6 weeks.


I-Tips is the faster and easier install solution that saves a lot of time and money. The I-Tip curling hair extension method involves mounting part or the entire head as an I-Tip install, in which your hair is pulled through a loop with a tiny micro bead attached to the hair - creating length and fullness.

I-Tips work best if you plan to wear curly extensions for more than six weeks, and can be worn for up to 12 weeks after tightening.

So never forget who runs the world…#Curls!