How to track my order?

Usually, you will receive an email notification of the tracking number after your package is shipped out. You can check according to the tracking number and the query link provided in the email. If you have any other questions when inquiring, you can contact our customer service.


How long will I receive my package?

If we have the product in stock, it will be shipped out within 1-2 working days. And you will need 3-5 working days to receive it. If not, we need some time to customize your hair. For details, please contact customer service.


Can I change my order?

Yes, you can change your order, address or others. You can contact the customer to help you change your order.


Can I cancel the order?

Yes, you can. For some reason, if you decide to cancel your order, you can contact our customer service and they will tell you the process to cancel your order.


Can I customize the wig in small or large size?

The default is the medium cap size (22.5inch) on our website, it is suitable for more than 95% of customers. We can also customize the small (21.5inch) and large (23.5inch) size. You can contact our customer service after you placed the order successfully, we can add a note for your order.


Do I have to pay the shipping fee?

We can ship to most countries freely, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. You can look it up yourself in the item of SHIPPING METHOD item when you place the order.


Is your hair 100% real human hair?

Yes. We have always provided 100% unprocessed human virgin hair, the quality of the hair is very high, pls rest assured.


Can I bleach/dye my hair?

Yes, our hair can be dyed to #27, can’t be lighter than this color. For better coloring effect, we strongly recommend that coloring under the guidance of a professional hair stylist. Our hair can be bleached knots. Because our hair has been bleached lightly in the production process, so we do not recommend customers to bleach the knots again, which will easily cause damage to the hair. We also recommend that you proceed under the guidance of professional hairstylist, and do not use more than 20V developer.


How to measure the wigs?

For the lace wigs, please put the wig on a wig stand and measure it from the first track (The track closest to lace) to the longest hair at the bottom.Notice: The hair length of wavy/curly hair wigs needs to be totally stretched to straight to measure the length.


How to wash my hair?

  1. Gently detangle with your hands by some conditioner or morocco oil before washing the wig (pls do not use any water during this process).
  2. Please use moisturizing shampoo to wash the wig twice, when performing the shampoo do not approach hair abrasively, dip hair in/out while adding shampoo directly to hair from the bottom. (Please use tap cold water only)
  3. Rinse shampoo thoroughly (water should appear clear after rinsing) and finger comb the conditioner onto the wig to give it even distribution. Leave wig in conditioner for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Rinse the conditioner off the wig with cool water. Water should appear clear after rinsing. Using a clean towel, blot the wig dry.
  5. Allow the wig to air dry in a cool, dry environment. Never wear your wig wet.
  6. Apply some morocco oil and elastin to keep the hair soft and manageable.


Can I sleep/shower with my hair?

It’s not recommended because it might would cause tangling if not taken care of properly. If your hair is sewn in, wear a satin bonnet. This will help prevent the tangling.