How to Clean Glue from Lace Wig

When we wear a wig, we not only need the cooperation of clips and elastic bands, but also need to apply glue to the front lace of the wig. On the one hand, it is to fix the wig so that it does not fall off. On the other hand, it allows the wig to better fit the scalp and achieve an invisible and traceless effect. However, when you take off the wig, there will be glue residue on the lace. We must clean it up for next time use, but how to clean it? Now let’s explain the steps to clean the wig.

Before you start the glue removal process, I want to let you know a few things to note. First of all, if your wig uses HD lace, you must handle it carefully. Because HD lace is the most fragile of all laces and can tear easily. Therefore, hands should be gentle during the entire cleaning process to avoid pulling on the material and causing loss. Actually make sure you have the right tools and materials on hand. At the very least you should have a toothbrush and dish soap or conditioner. Some stubborn glues may require alcohol and cotton balls or adhesive remover. Finally, you must have enough patience, because the cleaning process requires carefulness and handling the glue bit by bit.

Clean with soap or conditioner

Step 1: Place the wig in the sink and turn on the water. Normal temperature water is fine.

Step 2: Take some soap or conditioner and apply it to the area covered by glue. You can apply more. The more you apply, the faster the glue will fall off.

Step 3: Pick up your toothbrush and moisten it with water. Start brushing the lace lightly. Then moisten the toothbrush again and continue brushing the lace.

Step 4: After brushing for a few minutes you will see the glue start to peel off. Some of this may become trapped in the toothbrush. If this happens, use your fingers to remove the glue from the brush to prevent it from flowing down the drain and clogging the pipes, and then continue brushing the lace.

Step 5: Rinse the lace thoroughly and look closely. If there's still a lot of glue on the lace, continue adding more soap or conditioner and keep brushing.

Step 6: Rinse again, then shampoo and condition according to the condition of the wig.

The second method is to use alcohol. The steps for using alcohol are basically the same as using soap conditioner and will remove the glue faster. But instead of using a toothbrush, the tool is to soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then place it on the lace and rub it in quick circles. Fix in one place at a time in a circular motion until the glue is removed.

The third method is to use wig glue remover. This is the simplest and fastest method. You only need to spray it on the lace and wait for a while before wiping it off with a toothbrush or cotton ball.

All in all, for mild glue residue, try soap or conditioner first before trying stronger options. For moderate to heavy glue residue, try using alcohol or an appropriate adhesive remover. Try to use an adhesive remover from the same company as the adhesive.