How to install a full lace wig

The first thing you're going to do is braid your hair straight to the back whatever size you do is honestly going to depend on your hair thickness and also the length of their hair. You don't need to do the braids too big because they are going to show underneath the install, it's going to look very bulky. You need to slightly just take some alcohol and just make sure that your hairline is clean. You do not have to put this on your hair at all because this is going to dry out your scalp. You just need to clean off around your hairline where the skin area is you want to make sure you do that so the adhesive and everything can stick correctly. The liquid melt is a glue-ish gel, this can be used to lay down baby hair, lay down wigs for a glueless method it's a very very versatile product. Take a comb your edges back smooth them down and then you put a cap on top of head. Add some more of this gel and then we're going to sit head under the dryer and blow dry it until it's completely dry. Go ahead take some of the baby hair out, spray some holding spray around the hairline and then you're going to put the melting band around the front of the hairline. Now you pluck in some areas and you're actually taking the hair out of the lace. Make sure that you're getting the job done as you can see the hairline looks thinner. This wig was already pre-plucked. Just do major plucking that make it be as natural as possible. Then you cut the baby hair shorter. The baby hair don't to be too too thick like you want them to just be thin and clean. Now that you got the baby hair complete. Next you fill in the gap with concealer to make it look more natural. Brush you hair with a comb, then you take a little bit of the styling foam apply to you hair make sure your hair looks shiny. Finally, blow dry or air dry your hair. Now your look is finished.