How to Install a Natural Looking Closure Wig | DreamLaceWig

First shampoo your hair,put tame tangles leave-in conditioner in your hair ,detangled your hair and blow-dried it until it was almost completely.

Leave your edges out when you are installing your wig units. Because this allows a more natural look if you like to wear your hair behind your ears or if the wind blows you don't have to worry about seeing the actual weft on the wig

This method of course can only be used if you are using a closure unit but i love the closure units and i think they're perfect for beginner wig wears because they allow easy install and they have a great natural look

Just molding your hair down nice and flat. I love this technique better than the braids.because it gives you a super flat look with your wig units.You simply just mold all your hair to the back put it in a ponytail and any excess hair you're going to flip it up and mold it back down with your product.Leaving it nice and flat and then you're going to go on top of it with your nude stocking cap , after you put your nude cap on you actually want to go on top of the cap with the spray and stay so that's going to help secure the cap down to your head.

And then you go behind it with the blow dryer so once your stocking cap is dry you just want to go along the edges and cut the thick seam off.

To match it up with your skin you could use a foundation powder or you can use a lace tint.You don't have to wait for it to dry clear. I go behind it with the rat tail comb and just smooth it down nice and flat. You want to make sure you get it nice and flat. because however your glue is laying is how it's going to look underneath your lace.

Remember guys you are always putting the glue on your forehead not in your hair, so when you pull your wig unit down you want to make sure you are lining up the hairline of the wig unit with where you apply the glue.

Once the placement of your wig unit is where you want it to be go on top of it with the elastic band or just some type of wrap to hold the unit down while the glue dries.So while your lace is drying you can begin defining your part by using a liquid concealer.

This is going to give your part a very clean appearance, next you're going to put the rat tail comb up against your part and you're going to spray it with a spray that matches your actual wig unit this is going to give your part a very crisp look as you can see.

And the great thing about the 5x5 units or they are much easier to install than a frontal unit another perk about the 5x5 unit is that you can take it off and put it back on daily which means you do not have to sleep in it.