How To Install U-Part Glue Gun Wig

1.Simple leave out braid pattern and always moisturize your braids

2.Place the cap on your head exactly how you will wear it, then sew down any extra slack careful not to sew your hair with the cap


3.Take a white crayon and draw out your leave out


4.Using a hot glue gun is the easiest method: place the tracks super close together for fuller look. Please the tracks further apart for the opposite.

5.Begin placing the tracks parallel to the drawn on leave out to line it up perfectly cut out the leave out area

6.Sewing the cap down your braid

7.Styling the wig: Straighten or curl your hair with a curling iron

(using a mousse to lay down your leave out helps resist humidily (great for natural hair) and helps blend your leave out flawlessly)

8.Finally, you can mold the hair at the top of the head down or just apply the mousse and blow dry it to set it in. Now your look is finished!