How to make your wig look more natural

The biggest problem in wearing a wig in daily life is how to make your wig look more realistic. Although there are high-quality lace wigs available today that can go a long way in creating a natural look, you don't need to use a very expensive lace wig to achieve a more natural look. We can use some technical techniques to create a suitable wig shape, so that we can have a natural and real hair appearance. Next, I will provide a few tips to help you create a natural wig style.


Tip 1: Buy the human hair wig

No matter what material a synthetic wig is made of, it will never look as natural as a human hair wig. So, if you want to end up with a 100% natural look, you need to start with the best foundation: a human hair wig. It can bring us the most realistic effect.


Tip 2: Pluck the Hairline

Plucking the hairline of a wig is another way to make it look more natural.Generally, the hairline of a wig is straight across or unnaturally thick. In order to reduce the thickness to a more natural level and make the hairline look more like its own, plucking is necessary.


Tip 3: Leave Some Baby Hair Out

Leaving out and styling your baby hairs can go a long way in making your wig look natural.Many wigs come with pre-cut baby hair. But if your wig doesn’t come with them, you’ll need to cut them off yourself.


Tip 4: Choose the Right Style

Choosing the right wig style can make your wig look natural. Not all hair textures, lengths, or densities will look natural and flattering.

1.If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, wig styles like bobs and layered styles work well.

2.If you have a long or angled face, go for long wigs with curls or waves.

3.If you have a diamond-shaped face, most wig styles will look great on you. The possibilities are endless.

4.Choose a wig with a density that’s similar to the density of your own hair.

5.Choose a wig that comply with your lifestyle.

All in all, the style you choose is entirely up to you. If you really want to try a specific style and feel confident enough to go for it, follow your heart.


Tip 5. Clean and maintain your wig regularly

Wig care is a very important part of wig ownership. Not only does it make your wig look great, it also extends its lifespan. Here’s what you need to do to care for your human hair wig:

Wash your wig after every 7 to 10 uses. Depending on how often you wear your wig, this can be up to once a month. Use wig-specific shampoo.

Care for your wig after each wash and use a water-based leave-in to keep it moisturized.

Store dry wigs in a closed container when not in use.

Make sure to have more than one wig on hand, as you will need to give your regular wig a break from time to time for maintenance. If you wear the same wig every day, you won't be able to give it the care it needs to maintain a natural look.