How to select your wigs in terms of your facial?

Oval shape

If you are oval shape, you can control any style, so you can choose the wigs whatever you want. You can choose Bob Wigs, deep wave wigs. 

Round shape

The round shape is the most popular face shape among many face shapes, which can highlight the sweetness and pleasure of girls. You can choose the wigs with the middle part or deep side part, long layered wigs.

Square shape

The square shape is well-defined and very modern. The right hairstyle for a square face should soften the angles and add some height at the top.You can choose the wigs with a side part of bangs, long layered wavy hair, and a-line chin-length Bob.

Oblong shape

The longer face length is the typical feature of an oblong facial shape.You can choose wave wigs or curly wigs to create the width and shorten the face length.

Heart shape

The heart shape is a very cute face shape. if you are heart shape, there are a variety of options

for you. For example,a chin length Bob wigs, long length wigs.

Diamond shape

The diamond shape is similar to a heart-shaped face, which has a wide cheekbone and a narrow chin and forehead. you can select Bobs wigs or wigs with the bangs to cover the narrow forehead or long layered hair wigs and so on.