How to store wigs to make them last longer?


Wigs are becoming more and more common in contemporary society. Wigs are no longer a status symbol in the past, but have become people's daily beauty products. Women take the time to create different looks by choosing many wigs that make them more beautiful. So how to store wigs well and extend their service life?

1.Clean and condition wig before storage

The first step in storing your wig is to ensure that it is properly cleaned and cared for. Cleaning your wig regularly is basically the key to keeping it as fresh as possible, so every week or two, and especially before storing your wig, use a clarifying shampoo (for human hair) or a mild wig-safe shampoo (for synthetic hair) to remove any product buildup or oil.After cleaning, we can start storing.

2.How to store wigs using wig tips or wig stands

The main advantage of wig heads and wig stands is that they are very easy and simple to install. It’s important to keep your wigs in good condition so that they look their best for as long as possible and extend their lifespan. In daily life, wigs can be stored on a wig stand or on a model head, which not only displays the wigs, but also ensures that they maintain style and are easy to wear. Decide where to place your wigs based on the amount of space you have. To make it easier for you to wear your wig, it is best to place two or three wig stands or wig heads on top of your dressing table.


3.How to store wigs without wig tips

Some people do not have a wig head or wig rack specifically designed to store wigs at home. If you need to store your wig, try these four easy ways to store your wig at home:

Keep in the original packaging – This is the easiest way to store your wig. The box your wig comes in is the perfect size for storage and comes pre-labeled!

Place in a shoebox with soft tissue paper - Cardboard is a great material for storing wigs. Lining the box with soft tissue paper will ensure your wig doesn't build up static electricity.

Place in a suitable airtight plastic container – Sealing your wig in an airtight container will protect your wig from damage to its styling and other dusty materials.

Place in a suitable, clean plastic zipper or clip bag -Just make sure the bag isn't placed somewhere where it could tear.