How To Wash A Wig The Right Way

You own your wig like you own your hair.And you need to wash the wig in the right way.From washing to drying your wig, Follow these 7 steps:

Step 1: Get the following items

  • A wide-toothed comb
  • A sink or basin where you can wash the wig
  • Wig shampoo and conditioner
  • Clean towel
  • Wig stand

Step 2: Detangle the knots

Start from the tips and gently make your way up to the wig cap. Always use a wide-toothed comb. If the knots are seriously bad, apply some leave-in conditioner to make to loosen them up.

Step 3: Put the wig in cold water

Take a small amount of wig shampoo into the water. Let the wig stay there for 2-5 minutes. Don’t rub or massage at this stage. Just let the wig soak in the soapy water.

Step 4: Lathering the shampoo on the wig

Lather the shampoo by gently, massaging it into the hair fibers. Be cautious in hand-tied parts. Rubbing vigorously might loosen up the knots.

Step 5: Rinse the wig thoroughly

Run cool water or simply hold the wig under a faucet and rinse them thoroughly until clear water flows. Gently squeeze the excess water.

Step 6: Apply conditioner to the wig

While the hair is still wet, take a generous amount of wig conditioner. Apply it to the length of the hair.  Leave the conditioner for 5 minutes. Detangle any knots that might be left. Take a clean towel and blot the hairs.

Step 7: Drying your wig

It’s best to air-dry your wig. Leave it on a wig stand and let it dry naturally. You can use the blow drier in the cold-air setting.