How to wear a wig cap properly before wearing a wig

Before we wear a wig, we must first fix our hair in the wig cap. But it is not possible to stuff all the hair directly into the wig cap. This will result in the overall head shape not being round and realistic enough. So we need a well-fitting, comfortable wig cap that will help flatten your natural hair and provide a smooth foundation for your wig so you can enjoy a natural-looking wig every time.

First we need to prepare the required tools and materials

  1. Hairspray or gel
  2. Wig cap
  3. Hair dryer
  4. Scissors

Next we start putting on the wig cap step by step.

Step 1: Comb your hair into a braid and coil it evenly around your head. Don't make the braids too big or you'll end up with a head that isn't round enough to create a realistic effect.

Step 2: Open the wig cap and put it on your head.

Step 3: Gently stretch the hat downward until it completely covers your hair and ears.

Step 4: Pull the wig cap to the eyebrows. This creates tension that further flattens your natural hair.

Step 5: Apply hairspray or styling spray around your hairline from ear to ear. Got2b Bonding Freeze Spray is a long-lasting bonding spray that many wig wearers use for this purpose. Don't worry about applying product directly to the cap. It will sink into thin materials. Be careful not to get the spray on your hair.

Step 6: Blow dry the spray or gel with cool air from a hair dryer. The spray or gel may take a few minutes to dry completely.

Step 7: Once this layer is dry, it's time to loosen the ears. Over the ear, pull the cover to leave some distance between the material and the skin.

Step 8: Cut a hole large enough to fit the ear through.

Step 9: Repeat this process on the other ear.

Step 10: Spray styling spray around the hairline again. Pay special attention to the area where the ears and hat meet.

Step 11: Use cool air from your hair dryer to continue drying the second layer until 100% dry.

Step 12: Gently lift the lid and carefully trim off any excess material that is not held down by the gel. Start by cutting the hat vertically starting in the middle of the forehead, then cutting horizontally along each side.

Step 13: When you reach the ears, cut from the hairline to the base of the piercing.

Step 14: Trim the excess material left by the ear holes.

Step 15: You can apply another layer of gel and let dry to smooth the edges of the hat, or install the wig directly.

Wearing a wig cap may seem simple, but if you're not careful, a lot of things can go wrong. To avoid a wig disaster, read these tips for wearing a wig cap:

  1. Braid your natural hair whenever possible. If you don't know how to braid your hair, comb your hair back and secure with bobby pins or an elastic band.
  2. Be slow and patient during the entire wig cap installation process. Moving too quickly may cause injury to your skin or hair. This especially applies when you cut the hat away from around the ears.
  3. Before you start gluing the wig cap on your head or cutting off any material, don't forget to pull the wig cap over your eyebrows. This will give you the flat, natural-looking results you want.
  4. Do not install the wig until the wig cap is 100% dry. Installing the wig while the hat is wet may result in mold growing underneath the wig.