How to wear a wig comfortably

When it comes to wearing wigs, sometimes it can be scary trying to find the best way to wear them to provide wigs that are both cute and comfortable. Buying a quality wig is the first step, but even the best wigs can feel uncomfortable if not used correctly. Dream Lace Wig is ready to advise and help you wear the most beautiful and perfect wig with ease and comfort.

Here are some tips on how to get your wig to fit perfectly and keep it flawless and irritation-free all day.

Where to wear

The position of the wig is an important aspect of wearing comfort. We have found that a good rule of thumb is to take measurements based on your natural hairline. Too far back or too far in front will make the wig feel like it is slipping off. Place the wig just a little behind your natural hairline to fit perfectly!

Tie into a bun

Tying your hair into a small bun before putting the wig on your head will make you look more natural and feel more comfortable. We have found that if you place the bun on your head where you want the wig to have the most volume, this will get the most natural look.

Fixed wig

It can be annoying to keep adjusting your wig all day. The easy way is to attach the wig to the sides. This allows you to stay perfectly worn throughout the day without discomfort or the need for unnecessary adjustments. If you want to secure the wig, you can also glue the fake hair on. Don't forget your wig cap! A secured wig cap will add extra durability to your hairstyle. We found that there are some areas where wig caps can be secured for optimal security and a natural look. We recommend right in front of your forehead, around your temples and back.

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Dream Lace Wig is happy to assist you with your wig wearing journey. Whether you're an experienced wig wearer or buying your first wig, we'll help you find a wig that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel comfortable, confident and volumizing every day.