How To Wear A Wig In The Summer And Stay Cool

As is known to all,Wigs can boost confidence and attractiveness, especially for those who have experienced hair loss. However, wearing a hair wig in such hot weather can make you feel uncomfortable, sweaty and heavy. In this article, we'll discuss how to wear wigs and keep cool in the summer, so let's keep reading.


Wear a short wig

While longer wigs often look prettier and can provide you with the elegant look you aspire to, they are not ideal for summer. Lengthening wigs can make your scalp sweat a lot on a hot summer day, which isn't healthy for you because scalp sweat breeds a lot of bacteria, especially if you don't wash your hair regularly. Choosing shorter styles, therefore, is an excellent way to change the look and stay cool throughout the summer. Dream Lace Wig has a wide range of high quality Bob wigs for you to choose from, such as short Bob Lace front wigs, black short Bob wigs and more.


Wear breathable wig cap

To stay cool while wearing a wig in summer, choose a high-quality wig cap. The wig cap can form a protective barrier between your natural hair and the wig to protect your natural hair. It also absorbs sweat and prevents scalp damage from excessive sweating. A hand-tied wig cap would be the perfect choice. Mesh hats are breathable and comfortable, making them very cool to wear. This way, you don't have to worry about sweating too much and your scalp being unable to breathe.


Choose Lighter Colored Wig

If you want to keep cool in the summer, it is recommended to choose a lighter color wig. Dark wigs will absorb more heat and light, not suitable for hot summer, will make you sweat more. Light colors reflect heat and light and help keep you cool. 613 Blonde wigs, honey blonde wigs, highlights and more will keep you cool and beautiful in summer.


Wash Wigs Regularly

Make sure the wig is clean and in good condition. Although washing your wig too often can be harmful to your wig, it is essential to wash your wig regularly during the hot summer months. The heat makes you sweat more, grease and sweat clog up your scalp, and wigs are more likely to get dirty quickly, making you feel heavier and hotter. Therefore, we recommend washing human hair wigs after wearing them 10 times and synthetic wigs after wearing them 15-20 times.


Get A Few Hats and store wigs properly

The sun's rays are not good for your wig, and you must wear a hat if you are outdoors. You can wear some mesh hats on your head to avoid the sun's damage to your hair. Wearing a hat can help protect your hair from the strong sun. You should also store the wig properly. Don't store them in hot places, such as cars or near Windows, and stay away from bonfires when you go to the beach. This can cause your wigs to fade quickly and affect their longevity.