Can we wear wigs while swimming?

Summer is a symbol of the sea and it is incomplete without swimming and beaches. Every girl loves to take beautiful photos in the pool or at the beach. At this time, someone will ask if wearing a wig can swim? Sure, but here are some tips you need to know.

Swimming pools contain chlorine, a chemical that can damage our hair. The salt in seawater will also absorb moisture from the hair, making the hair lose its luster and become more brittle.

1. Prevent entanglement
Before getting into the water, be sure to tidy up your hair and straighten out any knots, because when your hair is wet, knots will become more serious and difficult to manage.
2. Fix the wig
You definitely don’t want your human hair wig to fall off while swimming, it’s the most embarrassing thing to happen. So you need to use a waterproof adhesive and make sure the wig is securely attached to your head.
3. Make sure the style is appropriate
Loose hair tends to tangle when exposed to water, so it is best to braid your hair or tie a hair ball on top of your head. Hairball hairstyles like this will make you energetic and move around freely.
4. Wear a swimming cap
Swim caps may not look great, but if you really want to protect your wig more securely, a swim cap is a great option. Tuck the wig under your swim cap.
5. Wash your wig promptly
Even if you have taken all the above measures, your wig will still be damaged, so it is very important to take care of your hair. After swimming, you need to wash your hair as soon as possible, using a good quality shampoo to remove salt and chemicals from your hair. It’s best to deep condition overnight. This prevents dryness and extends the life of your lace wig.