Lace Closure Vs Silk Closure, which is best for you?

The most important factor in determining whether or not you look fabulous is your hair. Braids and extensions are on par with wigs in terms of length, volume, and durability, but they are much better for people with hair loss, thinning or damaged hair. For a more natural look, you can use a lace closure to cover the top of your head. What is closure? What's the difference between silk closure and lace closure? Find out with Dream Lace Wig.

What is lace closure?

Lace Closure is a small wig or top device that will provide instant volume, length, and style to thinning hair in minutes. The main purpose is to create a middle or side section. Compared to wigs or other types of hair extensions, lace Closure can be easily glued or sewn into place, making them easier to wear and maintain. It is often incorporated into braided or sewn hair. Lace Closure can be purchased separately or packaged in packages containing sewn wigs or hair extensions. The wig can be glued, stitched and even held in place using strong double-sided tape.


Whenever it's on your skin or near your natural scalp, it gives a scalp-like appearance.

It also allows for a very flat and simple application that makes your installation look natural.



You need to make some adjustments to the lace for best results. The knots should be bleached. The bleached knot will mimic each strand of hair that grows directly from the scalp. We recommend a stylist or experienced individual to help you bleach the knot. Because the hair is embedded directly into the clear lace, it is clearly visible when pressed against the skin. Therefore, bleaching helps to eliminate the grid-like effect of the points. If you get it wrong and you risk turning off the repair, you can use eyeliner as a cover. Alternatively, you can add foundation or concealer to the lace for a natural look.

When glued around the hairline to blend in with your skin, the lace is thinner and provides a flatter and seamless connection. It can also be stitched up by a competent professional without the use of glue. A flesh-colored stocking cap is sometimes recommended to make the braid under the lace visible when looking directly at the device.


What is silk closure?

The silk closure is made of silk base. It is made from hair strands, dipped in a nude and scalp-like silk material and reinforced with lace.

As its name suggests, silk closure is designed with a silk base where hair bundles have been attached to. The fabric looks as if the hair is growing out of the scalp and is thick enough at the bottom to hide the braid underneath. It is the most natural looking closure in the hair industry and you do not need to bleach the knot before installation. Because silk closures are usually lighter in color, you may need to tint the fabric to match your skin tone or use a foundation that is the same color as your skin in the separate area. Our Silk Base Closure (size 4x4") is the most natural looking Closure on the market. Silk Base creates a scalp for this closure, so it can be separated and styled in any way.


Silk closures tend to last longer.

Silk closures often do not require bleaching.

The knots cannot be detected due to the closure-based silk fabric, it imitates the scalp without significant changes.



Not all scalp hair is created equal, although the silk component helps hide knots for a natural look.

If you have darker skin and a significantly darker scalp, you should replace or even dye your silk base.

Since this closure is usually slightly thicker, it is difficult to mount very flat.

Which is better: silk or lace closure?

After noticing the advantages and disadvantages of silk versus lace closure, you can decide which closure is best for you based on your personal preference. Some people prefer lace closure because it's thin and sits flat on the scalp. In contrast, others may prefer silk closure because its base is made of extremely durable material, which is thicker and looks more durable.

Lace closure is cheaper, and you may need to put in extra effort. Silk closure using silk material made it more expensive. Both closure types use 100% human hair. You can choose them according to your lifestyle and cost.

If you're still unsure, double-check whether your conditioner is right for your hair and scalp, or ask your stylist for the best guidance. Dream Lace Wig recommends that you visit our store or contact our sales team to find the best option for your beauty. No matter which option you choose, silk and lace closures are designed to provide users with the most natural authentic look and unique beauty.