The Best Ways to Keep Your Wig from Slipping

We all know that more and more black girls tend to wear various human hair wigs to show their beauty and charm. However, there is a common annoyance in the process: many girls are afraid of their wigs falling off. How embarrassing it is! To avoid this, we will provide you with several ways that you can easily prevent your wig from slipping off.

Wig cap

Wear a wig cap under the wig. The wig cap helps form a barrier between the natural hair and the wig, providing a better grip. It also helps keep the hair flat and prevents it from interfering with the fit of the wig.

Wig cap has nylon, cotton, mesh and other materials for you to choose. Choose a hat that matches your skin tone or wig color for a more natural look.

Bobby Pins

Using a hairpin is a super easy and affordable way to keep a wig on your head steadily. This is a great option for those who have a lot of natural hair that doesn't even need maintenance.

Wig Adhesive

If you need extra security, you can use wig adhesive or tape. Wig tape, glue, or adhesive can be used for a stronger fix. Apply a thin layer of adhesive along or around the hairline of the wig cap.

Allow the adhesive to thicken before pressing the wig firmly against the scalp. Make sure to use an adhesive designed for wigs and follow the instructions carefully.

This method is especially useful for long-term wear or for activities that may cause the wig to shift.

Wig Grip Band

The wig grips are similar to a headband, usually made of double-sided velvet, and can hold your hair or skin on one side of the design and your headpiece or wig on the other.

Another great benefit of wig grips is that they can help prevent headaches, which is a common problem for wig wearers. The straps evenly redistribute the weight of the wig, which helps relieve some of the pressure.

Protect your natural hair

Before putting on the wig, make sure your natural hair is neatly combed and secured. You can tie your hair in a low bun or braid it close to your scalp. This reduces the bulkiness and provides a flatter surface for the wig to sit on.

Remember to adjust the wig gently to avoid damaging it. Try them out to find out what works best for you, and make sure they're comfortable and secure.

Keep in mind that everyone's experience with wigs may be different, so you may need to try different approaches to find the one that works best for you.