What is the Difference Between Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs?

When choosing a wig, it's often hard to know where to start. With so many styles, colors, brands and wigs, choosing a wig for the first time can be overwhelming, to say the least. Knowing the difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is a good starting point for choosing the perfect wig. Choosing between synthetic and human hair is one of the most important decisions you'll make when choosing a wig.



The most obvious difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic one is the material.

Human hair wigs are made with real human hair. The hair can be unprocessed virgin hair–or hair from a single donor which hasn’t been chemically treated or processed–or non-virgin human hair, which is authentic human hair but may be chemically treated or compiled from more than one donor.

Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic non-human materials. The most common material is plastic fiber, which ranges in quality from very smooth and fine to poor quality, something you'd find in a cheap Halloween wig, rather than a proper synthetic lace front.



The appearance of lace fronts made with human hair versus those made with synthetic hair can be striking. Human hair lace wigs look the most natural, with the right fit and style, they look just like real hair. Synthetic fibers have come a long way in the last decade, but even the best synthetic wigs don't look as natural as the real thing.



If you're looking for a wig to wear temporarily during the summer to try out new styles, a synthetic wig might be right for you. Most synthetic wigs can last up to six months with daily wear and proper care, making them great for short-term options. However, if you're looking for a high-quality wig that you can wear all year round, a human hair wig may be the right choice for you. Human hair wigs are durable, have a long life, and can last a year or more with daily wear and proper care. Human hair wigs can be worn longer and, while more expensive, are an investment. Human hair wigs don't need to be bought as often as synthetic wigs, which can require multiple purchases over the course of a year to last and can end up being more expensive.



Human hair wig and synthetic wig have their own advantages. If you wear a synthetic wig outside in the rain, it will hold its style and remain immaculate. However, wearing a human hair wig outside can cause mild frizziness. Synthetic wigs also have the advantage of requiring less styling because of their built-in style, so this can be preferable for people with disabilities or mobility issues and cannot spend a long time styling their wig in front of the mirror.

Human hair wigs have more styling opportunities. Because Dream Lace Wig human hair wigs are made entirely from 100% human hair, it can be heat-styled just like our own hair. You can straighten, curl and blow dry human hair wigs as much as you like. Human hair wigs can also be dyed! Human hair wigs can be dyed darker (lightening or bleaching human hair wigs is not recommended).

So, when choosing a wig, think about how you want to design it. If you want more styling opportunities and the freedom to heat set and possibly dye your wig, then a human hair wig may be for you. If you're looking for a built-in style that doesn't require too much hassle, consider buying a synthetic wig.



There is a marked difference in price between wigs made with human hair and those made with synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are almost always more expensive than synthetic ones, especially if the wig you buy is made with virgin human hair.

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