What's the difference between HD lace and transparent lace?

As we all know, there are mainly two kinds of lace on the hair market, one is HD lace, another one is transparent lace. So HD lace VS transparent lace, what’s the difference? What’s your choice?

What is HD lace?

HD lace, literally it means high definition lace, which is made by a kind of royal lace material, very thin and durable, also we call it Swiss lace. When we apply HD lace to the skin, it will melt and look like invisible. So the hairline is very very natural, just like the hair grow out your scalp, really undetectable.


HD lace has been very popular on the hair market these two years. Maybe you think it is new technology, actually it appeared at least 10 years ago. At that time, people prefer regular lace to Swiss lace, because even the lace material is very durable, but you still can not pull or brush it very hard, the lace is very easy to rip. Another reason is real HD Swiss lace price is a little higher than regular lace.

What is transparent lace?

Transparent lace is usually considered to be regular lace in transparent color. Normally, there are four kinds of color for regular lace, transparent, light brown, medium brown, dark brown. People will choose which one can match their skin tone. In the past 10 years, light brown lace is the first choice. Now they find that if transparent lace is bleached, it also can match most skin tone.


What’s the difference between HD lace and transparent lace?

As mentioned above, HD lace is a new name of Swiss lace, very thin and soft, invisible and undetectable, skin melt, can easily create super natural hairline and match all skin. Also it is too thin, not stronger than regular lace.

Transparent lace also can create natural hairline, we usually recommend it to girls with lighter skin tone. But it is stronger than HD lace.