Why headband wigs your favorite new form of protection

It can be difficult for even the most experienced hair stylist to choose the wig that best suits your hairstyle goals. Wigs protect your natural hair bundle from the daily wear and tear of styling tools, high temperatures, and constant handling. But let's be honest, some wigs can be difficult to install if you're not happy with the hair design or don't have the time. Headband wigs are a great choice for girls who want a carefree protective style. Dream Lace Wig offers only the highest quality hair extensions, including headband wigs. Read on to learn about the new favorites in the hair market.

The best way to install a headband wig

One of the many advantages of a headband wig is its installation. These parts are useful because we don't need experts to install them. Tie your hair back into a low ponytail or braid, leaving some baby hair. Place the wig on your head, adjust the straps to fit comfortably, and secure the comb for ultimate protection.

The benefits of wearing a headband wig

Habitual versatility

Wigs are custom designed and can be highly textured for an obvious natural wear, or choose a relaxed natural texture for a straight style without heat damage.

Your new preferred protection method

Our natural crowns are very delicate but versatile. We would love to use straighteners, curlers, updos, braids and curls. Constant manipulation causes breakage and prevents length retention. Our headband wig allows styling freedom and protection for comfort.