Wig Density, Which Is The Best ?

What is wig density?

Wig density is a measure of how full your wig is. It is shown as a percentage, from the lowest hair density (50-60%) to the highest hair density (200% and above). Basically, the higher the hair density in the wig, the fuller the wig will look. The lower the density, the thinner the wig looks.


Why do you need to know the density of your hair?

First, you need to know how to care for your wig and what products to use. A low-density wig, for example, should only be maintained with light hair products, as the wig is already thin. Using heavier products will only make hair sag and make it look stiff and greasy.

Secondly, different hairstyles call for different hairstyles. For example, if you want Kim Kardashian's curls, you should buy a wig at the top of the density weight. Her hair needs volume and length.

In addition, hair density determines the price. The higher the density of the wig, the higher the final cost.

Wig density classification

There are many options when choosing wig density. Wigs range in density from 50% to 250%. Wig density is divided into low-density hair wigs, medium-density hair wigs and high-density hair wigs. Here is a list of wig densities.


50%-90% Wig density: This is the wig with the lowest hair density. Recommended only for women with very fine hair. This wig density is often used on the hairline or to give an age-realistic appearance.

100%-110% wig density: Very light and will not feel like wearing a wig. It consists of a light density texture near the hairline, which gradually becomes medium density near the hairline. You don't usually see it on the market.

120%-130% Hair density: The average hair density, which is the normal hair density of an average head. It doesn't feel too thick or thin when worn and is used by many people.

150-180% Wig density: Medium to high hair density, which provides a fuller appearance than average hair density wigs and can be easily purchased from a variety of hair suppliers. Suits the sporty style client, also can customize the hairstyle, has the curvy or the wavy two options.

200% hairpiece density: super thick, unique appearance. High density wigs are worn by women who want fuller hairstyles, mainly by performers or actresses. Also, if you are looking for wigs that can be designed as up-dos, this is the perfect wig for you.

250% wig density: These wigs are the fullest. These wigs are celebrity-inspired wigs that come in length and volume.

How to choose the best wig density?

Choosing the ideal density requires you to consider several factors, including your preferred hairstyle, length preferences, and so on.

Consider your hair density: If you normally let your hair down and want your wig to be the same, choose a density similar to your hair density. For example, if you have thin hair, choose a wig with a density close to that of your hair, which is in the 130% to 150% range. However, if your hair is on the thicker and fuller side, you should opt for a high density wig around 190 percent and 250 percent.

Hair Style and Length Preferences: When you are in the market for a new wig, you must consider whether the hair is short, long, curly, or wavy. Different textures and lengths can also affect the look of your wig. High density wigs are good for long, straight hair. Low-density wigs are ideal for short hair and coarse wigs.

Consider high and low prices: Knowing the different hair densities will ensure that you can find the right balance between budget and quality. Knowing the characteristics of different density wigs will help you make the right decision.

Consider hair care: Knowing the density of wigs will ensure that you can take better care of your hair. Low-density wigs need to be treated with lighter hair products to maintain shine and saturation. High density wigs need to be washed with conditioner shampoo; Try not to use a hair dryer after washing. Blot dry with a dry towel and comb gently when dry.